Recognition of Prior Learning – Various Qualifications

Recognition of prior learning (RPL) is an process that involves assessment of an individual’s relevant prior learning (including formal, informal and non-formal learning) to determine whether the individual can achieve a nationally recognised qualification within their industry or field of work.  This is a preferred method for people who are currently employed in Community Services and looking to gain a qualification to confirm their experience and competency.

  • Improve your job prospects
  • Save you time and money
  • Assist you to upskill and develop professionally without having to take time off work
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RPL is only available to established workers (those already in the industry) –to be eligible for the process, you will need to have at least 12 months work experience.
Course Content
The structure and units completed via RPL will vary dependant on the individuals work experience, the industry sector they work in and which qualification is best suits to you. This is all discussed as a part of the planning process.

Upcoming courses
As RPL is a self paced process you can start at a time arranged between you and your Trainer/Assessor.

RPL is usually an individual process, therefore you can complete this from your workplace or home. Our team will arrange phone and zoom sessions to guide you through the process.
Course Structure and Fees
Fees for the program vary dependant on whether the individual holds a concession card, whether they can access funding andwhether there are credit transfers available. Please contact our office to discuss your situation.

Please contact our office to discuss your situation.

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What is the RPL process?

The RPL assessment process can often be completed using existing evidence of your skills and may not require additional study. If you have the skills, knowledge and experience gained over the course of your career, you may well be eligible for a qualification.

  1. Evidence portfolio – where you gather evidence such as resume, references and work samples to support your knowledge and skills
  2. Portfolio assessment – our experts will assess your portfolio and contact you to arrange a competency conversation
  3. Gap training – The Portfolio skills assessment can identify any training areas and upskill you to remain competitive within your sector, and tailored training can be arranged to help you fill the gaps
  4. Qualification!! – You will receive a nationally recognized qualification to further your career


Myths and misconceptions:

Unfortunately, some people have had negative experiences with RPL’s, describing them as time consuming and difficult. We have a team dedicated to guide, support and facilitate this process making it as time efficient and as straight forward as possible.


What qualifications can I utilise Recognition of Prior Learning?

Care College offers a range RPL qualifications within the Community Sector from ranging from a Certificate III to a Diploma.

To find out more, please contact us on and one of our team will call you at a time that suits.

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